2705, 2015

Swing, High Pull, Snatch FINISHER…..Or RKC Snatch Test Prep

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This little combo is a killer FINISHER and also a great tool for practicing the hip snap on your swing and your kettlebell snatch. It incorporates swings, high pulls and snatches to help you polish up your technique on all three movements.

You can rest between each round (30 seconds to 1 minute if needed) or you […]

511, 2014

Turkish Get Up – Warm Up Progression

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If you train with me you know that the Turkish Get Up is my favorite kettlebell lift…..graceful, controlled, demonstrates strength, and exposes areas of your body that need improvement. In the blog below, I have listed the benefits of the Get Up and a great warm up routine that can be used to fine tune […]

3010, 2014

Squat, Swing, Push!

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Squat, Swing, Push!

This particular workout happened one day when I was rushed on time. I needed a quick workout to do at home that would hit my hinge, squat and push movements. Because I am still recovering from a stress fracture in my foot I am limited on what movements and weights I can do. […]