1002, 2015

Human Souls On Fire – Lessons Learned from a Ragnar Relay

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When a client of mine, Lisa Sullivan, asked me to run a relay race with her from Miami to Key West, I laughed. She knew how much I don’t enjoy running long distances so why was she asking me to run a 200 mile relay race from Miami to Key West?? The team needed a […]

1311, 2014

How to: (For BEGINNERS) Russian Kettlebell Swings – The Hip Hinge, Deadlift, Hike and Swing

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The swing is a fundamental exercise when training with kettlebells. It is a very effective and explosive movement that burns fat and develops power. But before you can safely perform a swing, you must first learn how to correctly do a hip hinge, and from there, a deadlift.

The Swing: Part 1 – Hip Hinge and […]