2011, 2017

Client Spotlight – Jaclyn Giles

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Proud is not an adequate word to use when describing Jaclyn. 99% of her workout partners don’t realize how far she has come OR the amount of work she had to put in with me in private sessions before joining a small group. Two years ago I received a call from her husband asking me […]

810, 2017

Client Spotlight! – Dana Edwards

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This spotlight honors a client who not only has been training with me for over 9 years, but she also runs circles around some of her younger counterparts in the gym. This spotlight is celebrating Dana and her 60th birthday. She is a consistent reminder that age truly is just a number. Dana is ALWAYS […]

409, 2017

Client Spotlight! LEIGH WELDON

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This client spotlight is dedicated to Leigh Weldon. Leigh, like many women, are super busy. Whether you are single, married, have kids, dogs, a career, or are still just trying to get started in life…..I hope you get one thing from seeing people like Leigh. Show yourself a little GRACE. Leigh and I have had […]

601, 2015

Client Spotlight! DONNA MARTIN

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1 – When did you start training with Kristy?

I started training with Kristy in March 2012. The hardest part of starting was getting up at 4:45 in the morning to go in to a new place not knowing a soul. I had taken some kettlebell classes off and on prior to that but never committed […]