1308, 2015

A Tough Pill To Swallow….But It’s Time To Take Your Medicine

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Do you ever find yourself losing motivation? What about getting frustrated with where you are physically? Do you blame your trainer and/or other people around you for you not getting the results you want?

I will be the first to say that there are a lot of terrible trainers in this industry. To be honest some […]

2206, 2015

Be a Rebel

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One day I happened to come across a post by Neghar Fonooni about her #bikinirebellion. I was inspired. It was all about body image and finding a new love for ourselves……being happy with who we are and being proud of our bodies. So many things she said are how I want my clients, friends and […]

2705, 2015

Swing, High Pull, Snatch FINISHER…..Or RKC Snatch Test Prep

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This little combo is a killer FINISHER and also a great tool for practicing the hip snap on your swing and your kettlebell snatch. It incorporates swings, high pulls and snatches to help you polish up your technique on all three movements.

You can rest between each round (30 seconds to 1 minute if needed) or you […]

505, 2015

Train with Purpose. Train with Variety.

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Some people think the only way to workout is with kettlebells. Some people would say you aren’t really an athlete unless you can run 50 miles a week. Others believe working out means throwing around heavy weight and grunting really loudly. And yet some picture people with super human strength doing crazy looking exercises with […]

3004, 2015

10 Habits of the Super Successful

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It’s 2015, everyone is busy. Everyone has the same 24 hours each day. Everyone has stress; jobs, family, kids…..stuff to keep them busy. Yet some people seem to get so much accomplished while others seem to just stay….well busy.
If you’re serious, if it means something to you, you’ll find a way. Period.

If you are one […]

2404, 2015

The Battle for Me

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This isn’t my normal blog…..but I felt it was time to share this story. This is the first time I have shared it publicly. It’s not the most tragic story. But this is a time of my life that I couldn’t “see the forrest for the trees” and at the time it was real. It […]

2304, 2015

Ladies…..Fight Your Battle

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I don’t know about you ladies, but I have NEVER “announced” that I didn’t like pie. I am that
mother who is guilty of baking a birthday cake at 10:00 at night after my kids have gone to bed just so
that I didn’t have to share the ever so precious ritual known as “licking the bowl”. […]

1502, 2015

Kristy’s Kitchen: Plantain Tortillas

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Are you looking for a healthy way to get carbs in your diet? Need a healthy substitute for bread? This plantain tortilla recipe is one of my favorites so give them a try!
Plantains are a great source of dietary fiber, B complex vitamins, iron, magnesium AND they have more Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium […]

1302, 2015

Finding Balance

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My husband calls me a hippy. He says I “operate on island time”. My kids pick out their clothes each morning, go to school with messy hair and I only make them clean their rooms when I see my husband’s left eye begin to twitch. They are my mini me’s. We drive him crazy. I […]

1002, 2015

Human Souls On Fire – Lessons Learned from a Ragnar Relay

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When a client of mine, Lisa Sullivan, asked me to run a relay race with her from Miami to Key West, I laughed. She knew how much I don’t enjoy running long distances so why was she asking me to run a 200 mile relay race from Miami to Key West?? The team needed a […]