This spotlight honors a client who not only has been training with me for over 9 years, but she also runs circles around some of her younger counterparts in the gym. This spotlight is celebrating Dana and her 60th birthday. She is a consistent reminder that age truly is just a number. Dana is ALWAYS at the gym when it’s her scheduled training time. She deadlifts, pushes prowlers, does burpees (even though she despises them), and swings really heavy kettlebells. Dana – you inspire me as well. Thank you for showing the world that retirement doesn’t have to mean what people think it means. Thank you for proving that you can be beautiful, strong, and active at any age.

1 – When did you start training with Kristy?
I retired in 2008 and I knew my co-workers wanted to get me a gift. I had always exercised but it had been years since I had joined a gym. So I visited several gyms before my retirement and settled on one that had group classes and I asked for a membership to this local gym. I had made up my mind that I was not going to be one of these retirees that did not take care of themselves. I made a deal with myself that I would go to the group classes in the morning (because I am an early bird) and get it done. This is where I met Kristy. And the rest is history!

2 – How many times per week do you currently train?
I train with Kristy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in her 8:30 am group. The other days of the week I try to walk 30-40 minutes.

3 – What attracted you to Kristy’s program?
I knew Kristy was special when I was taking her classes at a local gym. She was always on time and always prepared! Type A personalities appreciate these traits. The exercises are always listed on her board. She goes over each exercise with the class and if needed will modify for you.
Not one class is the same…which I love. She does not allow you to get bored which is a plus for me. Over these 9 years I have known her, one thing that stands out, is that she loves what she does. How many people can say that? She loves seeing people make improvements in their physical well-being. She loves pushing and challenging you and telling you to go a little heavier on weights.

I have someone who has my workout planned for me. I know this sounds crazy, but there is just something about having it written on the board and seeing what I have to do. What is very important to me (I have shoulder issues) she watches your form and makes sure you are not going to do something that will hurt you. But on the other hand she is not afraid to push and challenge you which is something I would not do on my own. She makes it fun….as fun as you can make doing burpees and prowlers.

4 – List 1 to 3 goals you have accomplished since working with Kristy.
First…I am a very structured person and knowing I have a class to go to 3 times a week keeps me in a routine. I do not get bored and Kristy makes it fun and keeps it interesting. Secondly….it took me awhile to realize that my only competition is the one I see in the mirror. Not the 20 something year olds. It is my responsibility to maintain my overall health. I realize at the age of 60 (I finally said it) there are just some things I cannot do. But I also look at all the things I have accomplished with Kristy that I could not have done 9 years ago. Thirdly…since I have been training with Kristy, not only do I feel better physically, but I feel better emotionally and mentally.

5 – What would you say to someone looking to hire a trainer or just looking to get started with an exercise program?
You have to be committed to take care of your health physically, emotionally and mentally. You are the only one that can do it. Sure it may cost more for a trainer (I tell Kristy I pay her before I make the mortgage payment!) but it is worth it. She gives you the one on one you need and trust me you do not get that in your regular gyms. She encourages you and sees your potential before you do.

6 – What keeps you motivated?
Being active is part of my routine now. No doubt about it. I enjoy it and I feel so much better since Kristy has entered my life.