This client spotlight is dedicated to Leigh Weldon. Leigh, like many women, are super busy. Whether you are single, married, have kids, dogs, a career, or are still just trying to get started in life…..I hope you get one thing from seeing people like Leigh. Show yourself a little GRACE. Leigh and I have had many talks about grace and forgiveness. And how sometimes we are usually harder on ourselves than we would ever be on someone else. My goal with all of my clients (myself included) is to work toward a change in mindset. I want all of us to change how we see ourselves. I want us to wake up with a goal in mind to take care of ourselves, do something active, do things that will make us stronger, laugh a little more, spend time on the important things….and with the truly important people in our lives…..and above all else….show a little grace. None of us will ever be perfect. We will have days when nothing goes right. We will have days when we don’t want to exercise or eat our vegetables. And it’s okay. Because we can start fresh again the next day. Leigh, like all of my clients, are more than just a paycheck for me. I feel invested in their lives. I hurt when they hurt. I WANT them to succeed!! I want them to see themselves the way I see them. I want to see them show themselves a little grace….a little forgiveness when life is hard, crazy or just mundane. I want them to see their own unique strength and beauty among the chaos and imperfections. And if they learn a few things about lifting weights then that’s just a bonus 😉

So here’s to Leigh…..a strong woman in AND out of the gym.

1 – What do you do for a living? And do you have a family?

My husband Ryan and I met in dental school in Augusta and were married in 2010. We have two boys, ages 4 and 2, who keep us busy!, and I work full time as a pediatric dentist.

2 – When did you start training with Kristy?

I started training with Kristy in the fall of 2014 when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my second son. I gained a lot of weight during my first pregnancy and battled with post-partum depression, so I reached out to Kristy to discuss getting together after my second son was born. She encouraged me to meet with her and discuss beginning a fitness routine while pregnant, so we actually got to work right away. All of the movements at that time focused on mobility, maintenance, and light strength exercises. Kristy helped keep me moving safely during and after my pregnancy, making both delivery and recovery much easier than the first time around. Once my son was born, she provided the perfect balance of both post-partum care and then challenging me to push myself back into my pre-pregnancy routines when I was ready.

3 – How many times per week do you currently train?

I currently train with Kristy’s 5:15 am M/W/F group. I try to do 20-30 of walking 2-3 days a week outside of the gym as well and run the occasional 5K.

4 – What attracted you to Kristy’s program?

I was initially attracted to the idea of small group training. I liked the idea of having a group of like-minded and dedicated individuals to help keep me motivated and hold me accountable.

But what I really love about this program is Kristy! Her workouts are always varied, challenging, and fun! I’ve learned to get comfortable with movements and weight that I would have never tried on my own and have had her there to check my form, push me, and keep me motivated to work towards my goals.

5 – What do you feel is the number one reason for your success?

The number one reason for my success is just committing to showing up. Kristy has the work outs planned, explains the movements, and helps modify or select your weights throughout the entire hour. There is really no thinking required – which is so necessary at 5:15am! She also has been great about pushing and challenging me to lift heavier than I ever would on my own. I think there is this common thought that heavy weights aren’t meant for women and will cause you to “bulk up”. However, lifting heavier weight has really started to change my body and help me build lean muscle and see results.

6 – List 1 to 3 goals you have accomplished since working with Kristy.

First, establishing a maintainable fitness routine that I enjoy. No fads, quick fixes, or one-size-fits-all programs here. I’ve trained for half marathons, participated in group fitness classes, and tried six week “bootcamp” style classes. For me personally, training with Kristy three mornings a week is the first program that I have not grown tired of or thought of quitting, even after three years.

Secondly, I’ve moved more towards the mindset of more non-scale victories, and my latest was finally being able to do my first strict pull-up!

7 – What would you say to someone looking to hire a trainer?

As a mom, training with Kristy is about making the choice to take care of myself so that I can be the best version of myself for my family. Being a working mom makes for super busy days, and it’s really easy to get lost in the hustle of taking care of my boys, my husband, and my patients. Sometimes we have so many people depending on us as moms that we put ourselves last. Making this commitment to my health not only helps me feel better and have more mental energy to get through the day, but it sets an example that my children will notice as well.

8 – What is your advice to people who say they can’t afford a trainer?

Investing in a trainer is an investment in your overall health, which you really can’t put a price tag on. Of course there are less expensive programs or online plans and if those work for you, that’s great! But for me, I wasn’t committing to any of those options for the long-term and I wasn’t seeing results when I did. The community of people in our group sessions and Kristy’s encouragement and knowledge are something you just can’t get working out alone. When you consider all of the money that is spent in the beauty industry, including hair, nails, skincare, and wellness products, investing in your health by hiring a personal trainer starts to make a lot more budget sense.

9 – What keeps you motivated?

I’m not special. Sometimes the motivation isn’t there when life gets messy. It’s then that I remind myself how I feel when I’m taking care of my body. I do it for me and hope that my boys will also learn the importance of self-care by seeing it in action.