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“Fitness should NEVER be about losing something… should be about what we can ACHIEVE!”

What is your MINDSET towards ‘fitness”? What is your MINDSET towards taking care of yourself physically?? Your health?? Probably, if you are like most Americans, you have a negative outlook (even if you think you don’t). And by negative……I mean that you probably look at working out as a way to “LOSE” something. LOSE just a little more weight, LOSE just a couple more inches, LOSE more body fat, LOSE that spare tire, LOSE those big hips, LOSE those flabby arms and legs……you probably also look at working out as a way to punish yourself for what you ate the day before……

I bet most of you are nodding your head “yes” as you are reading this, huh? Don’t feel bad! We all have been there or are there now.

These days there is a trainer at every gym, a commercial between every TV show, a billboard on every corner….. advertising some new weight loss product or an exercise program guaranteed to help you “LOSE weight fast”……read the material…..listen to what they are saying…….everything is based on the idea that YOU need to LOSE something to be a better you.

What ever happened to just trying to better ourselves by working toward something???? Why do we have to focus on what is wrong with us and what we have to LOSE?? Personally, I have struggled with that way of thinking for years. (I’m a girl…..we always worry about crazy stuff we shouldn’t!) And the constant chasing after “losing a few more pounds” made me hate exercise. I always felt as though I had to punish my body for my mistakes. Call it having kids, call it getting older, call it whatever you want……but I call it “MINDSET”…..I had a complete change of mindset a few years ago. I got sick and tired of punishing my body and feeling like I always needed to LOSE something to be beautiful. Today, my focus is much different. Now, I strive to eat better……I “train” my body (not punish it)…..I seek to LEARN new skills…..I work my rear end off to perfect certain lifts and movements…..I desire to become a stronger version of myself each day.

The scale is a liar. Our culture is a liar…..and so is anyone who promises you quick results and “happiness” after you drop just a few more pounds. I never promise “fast or quick” weight loss. But I will promise to teach you ways that will help you become stronger. You just need to be willing to work for it, be willing to look at yourself differently, be willing to look at your journey as an opportunity for positive change……not a painful attempt at LOSING something else. FIND yourself….discover what is great about you, work on making yourself stronger each day……change your mindset. And you never know… may discover that you actually drop a few pounds and reduce your body fat along the way.

My journey has NOT been an easy one…..nor will it be going forward…..BUT OHHHHH IT HAS BEEN WORTH IT. For all of you who do want to get stronger…..and are willing to put in the work…..I will say it again…’s NOT easy. BUT I DO HAVE FUN……And I love watching myself get stronger and I no longer worry about what I need to lose. Now I focus on what I have to gain…..what I can ACHIEVE.

Change your mindset.