One day I happened to come across a post by Neghar Fonooni about her #bikinirebellion. I was inspired. It was all about body image and finding a new love for ourselves……being happy with who we are and being proud of our bodies. So many things she said are how I want my clients, friends and family to feel about themselves. Now it’s my turn to take that challenge to a new level. I am taking the torch and passing it on. Passing it on to my sister, my mom, my nieces, my clients…….my daughter……my son…..and the other men in my life.

I wake up each morning, get dressed, look in the mirror…..and I try to think of something that I need to improve upon (not always physical). I no longer say something negative about myself.  It has taken me years to stop picking myself apart. I use to always find something I hated about myself. It’s a battle every day and not just for women. Even today, I hear that little voice in my head sneak up and try to drag me down. But I have changed. How?? I became a mom. I did a complete 180. Why? I want my children to see themselves as I see them. I want them to see their beauty…..their strength. And it all starts with me.

To my daughter: (and my other female friends)

  • Look in the mirror each day……say something positive about yourself when you wake up. Start your day with a positive.
  • Never allow negative people into your circle. Be kind to them……but don’t allow them to determine the path you choose. Don’t let them drag you down – lift them up.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Train your body…..don’t abuse it.
  • Eat your vegatables. (and laugh with friends over a glass of wine when the occasion calls for it)
  • Find a man who will push you to be your best……but love you at your worst.
  • You will gain weight. You will stress eat. You will feel defeated. You will hurt. But never let those bumps in life shape you into something bad. Use those trials in life to drive you on to something better.
  • Don’t share your body with just anyone……only share it with someone who is worthy of you.
  • Your body will go through changes…..seasons….you will get stretch marks, scars, wrinkles..…..but…..YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
  • You are precious.
  • Be courageous.
  • Be brave.
  • Be kind.
  • Be rebellious.
  • Wear that bikini.
  • Dance.
  • Live LIFE.

And to my son……my sweet boy…….my message to you is much the same:

  • Stand up for yourself, be brave, be kind, be adventurous, live your life!
  • Train your body, eat vegetables, have fun……
  • Be kind to women……never take advantage.
  • Accept them for who they are……don’t expect perfection……it doesn’t exist.
  • Encourage your wife to pursue her dreams.
  • Encourage your wife to put herself first.
  • Encourage your wife to love herself……she can’t love you fully until she loves herself.
  • She will gain weight, she will get down on herself…….and so will you……love each other anyway.
  • Help her discover her beauty… all phases and seasons of her life.
  • Tell her she is beautiful. Hold her hand.
  • Make her wear that bikini 😉
  • Be strong. Physically, emotionally…….true strength has many faces.
  • Never use your strength to intimidate…..use it to inspire.
  • You are beautiful. You are smart. You are strong. Find a woman who will never take advantage of you.
  • Respect…..and be respected.
  • Be a rebel.
  • Dance.
  • Live.
  • Love.

The message is pretty much the same. Male, female…..doesn’t matter.

  • Encourage others to find their beauty and strength.
  • Discover what is beautiful about you.
  • Focus on the good in YOU.
  • Be happy with who you are right now while you work to become the person you want to be tomorrow.

In this world, everyone seems to be good a self-hate, self-doubt…..negativity.

Change it. Be a rebel.