Some people think the only way to workout is with kettlebells. Some people would say you aren’t really an athlete unless you can run 50 miles a week. Others believe working out means throwing around heavy weight and grunting really loudly. And yet some picture people with super human strength doing crazy looking exercises with only their body weight.

So, who is right? All of them. None of those people are wrong. But often times you see groups of people criticizing another group’s way of training and call it “wrong”. Each group loves what they do for a variety of reasons. And each has strength in their own way. And each has different goals. Therefore, none of them are wrong. Just headed in different directions. And that’s OK!

However, what if you were to step outside of your box, and did something really crazy???? Like……tried something new?
• What if we took a runner and added in a couple days of strength training? Would they not become stronger and possibly see improvements in their runs?
• What about getting a weightlifter to add in a couple days of sprint intervals, kettlebell swings, or even brisk walking? Would they not benefit from the explosive or faster paced work?
• Or take any of those listed above and have them do 10-15 minutes each day of mobility and bodyweight work. Would they not begin to move better? Run faster? Lift move efficiently? Lift heavier?

What am I getting at? Well, here’s a few things…..
1 – Don’t criticize another’s training plan. Their goals are their own……not yours. They don’t answer to you. And vice versa.
2 – Train with purpose. Train in a way that will line up with your goals.
3 – Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things…..things that could potentially benefit you on your journey to reach your goals. AKA….don’t be close minded.

My own training takes on new looks, new cycles throughout the year…..yes, I love training with kettlebells. But I also love lifting barbells, dumbbells…..I love using bodyweight training for handstands, pistols, crawling, pull ups, plyometrics…..I like (like might be a strong word) pushing prowlers and pulling sleds. I like being able to knock out a 5k if I feel inclined to do so.

The point is to train based on your current goals…..but also train in a way that will make you faster, stronger, move better, feel better. Don’t get so caught up in your little box that you miss out on a great big world of cool and fun things.

Besides you might discover that…….being able to run fast is fun. Lifting heavy weights is freakin cool…..and the grunting that goes with it of course. Jumping high, swinging heavy bells, pushing prowlers, carrying heavy objects…..are just plain badass. And it’s always entertaining at parties when you can knock out a handstand or do a pistol squat…..on a kettlebell.

So, train with PURPOSE. Train with VARIETY…..explore and discover new things.

Train Smart. Move Better. Have Fun.