I don’t know about you ladies, but I have NEVER “announced” that I didn’t like pie. I am that
mother who is guilty of baking a birthday cake at 10:00 at night after my kids have gone to bed just so
that I didn’t have to share the ever so precious ritual known as “licking the bowl”. Call it selfish, but
those rare, sacred moments alone in the kitchen with a bowl of fresh cake batter is sometimes as close
to “walking on the wild side” as it gets for me since becoming a mom. Now, before you report me to
authorities for neglecting my children and not providing them with the basic human right to some raw
cake batter, I have been known to share on occasion.

But stand firm ladies. Reserve some raw cake batter just for you.


Being a woman is a battle. Being a mom is, well, a bigger battle. Whether you are a mom, a
career woman, married with six kids, single mom with two kids or a working mom with kids and a
supportive spouse, you all fight a battle as soon as your feet hit the floor each morning. Your battle is for
yourself. You fight all day long for your career, your kids, your spouse, your friends……but do you ever
fight for yourself?

When will you discover that YOU are worth fighting for? You NEED to take charge of your life. If
you don’t, someone or something will dictate the outcome of your dreams, goals and ultimately your life
until you wake up one day and realize it’s gone.

But how? How can you possibly find time for yourself and “battle” life as it throws its worst in
your face every day? Your life revolves around angry bosses, fifty hour work weeks, seven loads of
laundry, dirty diapers, sick kids, stressed out spouses, baseball games, piano recital, homework, dirty
dishes, dog poop, car repairs, medical bills, college debt, sick parents… how can there possibly be
anything of you left at the end of the day?

This, my friends, is every woman’s battle. Our stories are different but our lives mirror each
other. We all fight a battle.


It all stops now. Put yourself first. You can’t be the person, wife, mom, friend you want to be
unless you put yourself first. It’s ok to pour yourself into those around you, but make sure you take care
of yourself up first. Because if you don’t, there won’t be anything left of you to share. You have things
you want to accomplish. You have dreams. Goals. CHOOSE to focus on YOU and make those things
happen. Selfish?…….Maybe. Necessary?…… Absolutely.

Here’s to making good things happen for you…..and then ultimately those around you. Fight the battle.