My husband calls me a hippy. He says I “operate on island time”. My kids pick out their clothes each morning, go to school with messy hair and I only make them clean their rooms when I see my husband’s left eye begin to twitch. They are my mini me’s. We drive him crazy. I let the dogs sit with me on the couch. I don’t even notice the dog hair stuck to my pants. I never put things back where they belong. I kick my shoes off at the door and giggle when my husband mutters under his breath as he trips over them. I don’t replace the toilet paper. I get overwhelmed. I hate structure. My house is always messy. Clothes are always laying on the floor. Rooms get “half” cleaned because I get distracted and bored…..so I move on to something new. When painting a room, I wear more paint than the walls……and he will be perfectly paint free. He will ask me to get one thing from the store and I will come home with twenty items…..none of which are what he originally asked for. I start twenty different projects at one time and then wonder why I don’t get anything done. I work very hard but I have to MAKE time to slow down so I can recharge.

I’m a thinker. A dreamer……..and I have no idea why an over analytical perfectionist like my husband would ever marry a disorganized free-spirited mess like myself. My only answer is that we balance each other out. I need his structure and his ability to bring me back to reality. He needs me to help him relax and have fun. Neither of us is wrong…..just different. And different is okay.

But if you are like me…..here are a few tips for all you creative folks who drive their significant others crazy. While we bring a lot of special gifts to the table, we need to recognize our blind spots so we can get things done from time to time.

1 – It may sound counterproductive, but make time for yourself. Get away from all the noise. Unplug and find your creative outlet. It will help quiet all the noise in your mind and help you refocus. I love to read, draw, paint, write…….sometimes just sitting down in my comfy chair with a sketchpad and some charcoal pencils allows me to slow down. That creative outlet calms my mind. Then I am finally able to prioritize and get something accomplished. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed.

2 – Make a list. Yeah I know what you are saying because I’m saying it too. YUCK!! I hate lists!! However, I can’t focus unless it is written down and I can check things off. But don’t do like me…..and lose your list.

3 – Listen to your structured significant other. Even creative thinkers need structure sometimes. Let them help you tackle that to-do list. More than likely they love lists and will end up taking over anyway. Just make it look like you’re helping and they will be happy.

4 – Do what’s necessary first. Delegate tasks that clutter your life and your mind. If you get overwhelmed with tasks, you will give up and nothing will get done. Ask for help. More than likely you have someone in your life who is willing to help you which will allow you to focus on one thing at a time.

5 – After you have allowed a little structure in your life, accomplished a few tasks, and surprised the heck out of your partner……don’t allow yourself to get so bogged down with trying to accomplish tasks that you lose who you are. The world needs minds like yours too. Structure is necessary in life……but our world also needs your beauty to make it worth something. Don’t neglect your creativity. Draw, paint, write, create……get your ideas out there and share them.

Be willing to try a little structure. Pick up your messes when the occasion calls for it. Replace the toilet paper roll at least once to show you know how. Show the world you can complete a project. But then ……make some new messes with your kids. Leave the dishes in the sink and go on an adventure. Let the dogs cuddle on the couch. Show those around you what you are passionate about. Let your mind create something beautiful…..and then share it with those around you. Find your balance.