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Turkish Get Ups……my benchmark for success……..

My search for strength is different than some. Not better. Just different. My goals are my own. If I compare myself to everyone else, I will always fall short. So, I don’t. My goal……to be better today than I was yesterday, to challenge myself in new ways and to see what I can accomplish……for me. I love the process… journey. Instant gratification might sound great, but all the work, sweat, failed attempts and mistakes lead up to some pretty sweet moments where everything falls into place. I enjoy that moment briefly…..then I set my sights on new challenges. It’s time to get focused again. More hard work, more sweat, more failed attempts and mistakes……success…..repeat. I may not lift as much weight as an Olympic Lifter, I might not be able to run a six minute mile, I may not be as lean as a body builder…..and that’s ok. I admire so many people in the fitness industry for their discipline, hard work and accomplishments. But their journey is their own…..and mine is…..well…..mine. I might not be the fastest or the strongest…..but I can control a weight that is over half of my body weight…..while moving thru various planes of motion…..with one arm……overhead. Some might call that strong. Some might find that to be an easy task. Again, we all have our own journey and strengths. But the reason why I love the Turkish Get Up so much is that it is not only a test of strength…..but of mobility and grace. I love working on this lift because if I neglect working on it for too long, it will quickly put me in my place. The Get Up is an Ego buster……it always reminds me (very quickly) where I am at on my strength scale.

Learn them. Practice them. Practice some more. Master them……and don’t allow the ego to take over……the Get Up will always get the last laugh.

get up