Donna - March 2011

Donna – March 2011

1 – When did you start training with Kristy?

I started training with Kristy in March 2012. The hardest part of starting was getting up at 4:45 in the morning to go in to a new place not knowing a soul. I had taken some kettlebell classes off and on prior to that but never committed until then I went to her Kettlebells classes twice a week. In November 2012 I did my first boot camp for three days a week and often went to her Kettlebell classes twice per week making it 5 day a week routine. It was a whole new world of strength and fitness for me. I remember being scared to death that I wouldn’t be able to do the workouts!! Then I started working on pull- ups, renegade push ups on kettlebells and a burpee challenge. The kool aid tasted good and I was hooked.


2 – How many times per week do you currently train?

I train 3 days a week at 5:15 am with Kristy. I almost always take one yoga class a week. I try to run one day a week but that doesn’t always happen.

3 – What attracted you to Kristy’s program?

Her classes were always packed and I had heard Kristy was a great trainer. From the first day she made sure I had the right weight, correct form and knew how to do each exercise. The classes were huge- sometimes 30 people were there but Kristy always made sure everyone of every fitness level got a good workout and were doing things correctly. She started pushing me pretty early on to do more. With her motivation I realized that I could do so much more than I ever imagined, I was pretty strong and had lots of potential and that I loved the feeling and look I had after working out so hard.

Kristy decided to change gyms in August 2013 and moved to Pro Performance. I actually had to miss the first month or two she was there but it confirmed my need to follow her. I missed her workouts, the way my body felt and the strength I used and the motivation and “push” I got from her.

4 – What do you feel is the number one reason for your success?

Finding Kristy gave me an incredible boost in my self-confidence and a love of kettlebells strength training. Now I have an incredible feeling of self-confidence when I walk in the gym. I love my body and I love knowing I am strong and can work toward any goal I set. I love that Kristy will look at me and tell me to get a bigger weight, or actually just hand it to me, take me to a higher level than I would push myself.

5 – List 1 to 3 goals you have accomplished since working with Kristy.

1. Deadhang Pull up. I have always loved doing pull ups but they were always assisted. Kristy gave me “homework” and told me I needed to practice- it was something I could do so I did it!

2. A pistol squat- My first one wasn’t perfect but I did it. And the best feeling was when I did it again! You really know you have met a goal when you can do it the second and then the third time.

3. Finishing two Spartan races. Obstacle Course Races are different and pretty frightening to think about. My first Spartan was the Virginia course on ski slopes. It took me 6.5 hours and lots of help and encouragement from my team members – Eric McJunkin really is an angel- as well as others on the course but I did it:)


6 – What would you say to someone looking to hire a trainer?

A good trainer can truly change you, how you see yourself, make your strengths come to light and they can make you better than you are believe you can be. Ask your friends you have something in common with who they would suggest. Try a class if possible or save for a personal training session. It can be expensive to do one on one regularly, but some private time with your trainer can help you work on goals and just get in sync with your body.

You also need to realize that it won’t always be “love at first sight”. Training is hard work. A trainer is going to push you in ways you aren’t used to. You need to give it a chance and really focus on how you and your body feel. It isn’t going to be some 4 week major change in your body. I have worked out hard 2 years, I eat healthy a huge majority of the time and my abs still don’t show. That’s still a goal. It’s definitely a long process.

7 – What is your advice to people who say they can’t afford a trainer?

After Kristy moved to Pro Performance, I decided that I had to make a way to pay for continuing to train with her. I don’t have many things I can cut out (I don’t go to starbucks, eat most lunches at home, cook most meals at home) but I find a way to make it work every month. I make whatever sacrifices I can to be sure I can continue to train with Kristy. To be honest, there have been a few months I had to take off because I couldn’t afford it. Yes I could work out on my own- and I do- but Kristy’s knowledge and encouragement are well worth finding a way to make it work.

The first time I paid extra to train with the boot camp I asked for it as a birthday present because I didn’t know how I could afford it. At the time I was married so had 2 incomes. I wasn’t always able to take the boot camps but ended up going at least every other month. I took it out of my spending money because I got to point I needed the workouts, loved the comradery and honestly loved the fact I was getting so strong. When Kristy changed gyms I was going through some personal changes so didn’t attend the first month or two she was there. I tried to stay at the gym where I had been, but I missed Kristy. I missed how she encouraged and motivated me. I missed the people I had been working out with for over a year and I missed that I didn’t feel I was getting stronger.

8 – What keeps you coming back to Kristy?

Kristy has so much knowledge about fitness and health. She is real. She is extremely motivated to make herself better and those who work out with her. Her knowledge of the body, of eating right and getting stronger are extremely beneficial. Even when I am in a bad mood or don’t particularly like certain exercises or “field trips” we are taking, I know she has put effort into planning the workouts and will be there to push and correct and encourage! Some people may read this and think they have no desire to do a pull up, or a true push up and we all dread pushing the prowler!!! But when you step back and realize how much better you feel and look and how healthy you are, it is worth it.

The bottom line is Kristy is good!! She is committed to her clients; helping them become better, stronger and healthier. She doesn’t promise some quick fix to lose a few pounds and brag about. Kristy has worked long and hard to be an exceptional trainer. She continues to learn and grow and offers that knowledge freely to her clients along with her encouragement.

9 – What keeps you motivated?

There are a few motivational factors for me. I love feeling strong, how my body looks and the ever changing strengths I find in myself through training. It is an incredible feeling to meet a goal and to know you can set a higher one to work towards.

Just as important to me is the influence my training has had on my children. They are so proud that I work out and that I am strong. They see how important my health and fitness are to me. They are learning how to eat healthy and make healthy choices. It was an unintentional motivator but one that keeps me going even when I lose track of my personal goals……. I have two boys and I am almost 50- knowing I am doing my best for myself and to help me encourage and keep up with them helps me get out of bed when that alarm goes off at 4:35 am!

10 – Any additional comments…….

If you can’t tell I love Kristy and really credit her with helping me make a huge change and commitment to my lifestyle. Any of her clients will tell you it is a love/hate relationship. To this day there are workouts I am just appalled she is making us do. But we all work through them and are better for it. All of the clients have so much encouragement for each other. Kristy fosters a positive environment of work and support. I hope to become HKC certified this year and Kristy has encouraged that as she has watched me grow stronger. This is just one of a few goals for 2015.