If you train with me you know that the Turkish Get Up is my favorite kettlebell lift…..graceful, controlled, demonstrates strength, and exposes areas of your body that need improvement. In the blog below, I have listed the benefits of the Get Up and a great warm up routine that can be used to fine tune your skills and help increase strength.

1-Benefits of the Get Up:
Builds stability, mobility and strength within the shoulders.
– Requires the use of all core muscles. This move forces one to keep the body tight & stable while moving arms and legs through multiple ranges of motion.
– Great corrective drill. Mastering the Get Up will help you advance to other overhead lifts.


Below is a great way to warm up before any Get Up routine and also a great way to learn the Get Up by doing lots of repetitions. This is one of my favorite teaching tools for beginners, but also useful for the experienced “kettlebeller” who needs to “tweak” their form & gain strength.

(For this example: it is assumed you have already completed a short warm up prior to lifting a bell. Crawling, bridging, arm bars, etc.)

Choose a weight you like to warm up with and go through each step of the Get Up, then return to the floor after each step and start again. You will build up to a full rep like a progressive ladder routine. (If you are an experienced kettlebeller looking to gain strength, try a bell one size up from your usual warm up weight)

Turkish Get Up – Warm Up Progression: (I like to use a 16 kg for this particular warm up)
1 – Roll to press and return to floor
2 – Half sit to elbow and return to floor
3 – Tall sit to hand and return to floor
4 – Bridge and return to floor
5 – Kneeling windmill and return to floor
6 – Complete a full rep
7 – Repeat on other side

After running through this on your right and left sides, try one Full Rep on both the right and left with a heavier bell. Then proceed with your workout of the day!

Check back for more blogs and ideas on workouts designed around the Turkish Get Up!

1 – RKC Instructor Manual