Before you attempt a Cossack squat, make sure you:
1) have the mobility to do so safely
2) warm up first!

Why should you do Cossack Squats?
1 – great for gaining and maintaining hip mobility or increasing strength in your squat and deadlift
2 – great tool for building strong / mobile hips as a lead in for pistol squats
3 – makes great looking thighs and booties
4 – you look pretty cool doing them

Before doing a Cossack:
Mobility, mobility, mobility! Below is a very simple example of some movements you can do each day to help increase mobility. Run through this or something similar for 10 to 15 minutes each day. In this particular video, I perform some cossack squats.

If you can’t perform an unassisted cossack, just focus on holding the bottom position a Goblet squat.

If you can’t do a full Goblet Squat, use a pole or TRX strap to assist you in getting lower.

Variations of the Cossack:
1 – Assisted Cossack

2 – Body Weight Cossack

3 – Single Kettlebell Cossack

4 – Doublebell Cossack

Regardless of what Cossack you choose, make sure you focus on the following:
– Foot of the weight bearing leg should be firmly planted (do NOT let the heel of your weight bearing leg off the floor – pushing up onto your toes just to get your butt lower is cheating)
– Brace your abdomen
– Maintain neutral spine and open your chest
– Lats engaged / shoulders back & down (do not round shoulders)
– Knee should track your toes on the weight bearing leg
– Heel down / toes up on the extended leg

Try pairing Cossack Squats with Pull ups and then complete your workout with a 10 to 15 minute Kettlebell swing complex.