Squat, Swing, Push!

This particular workout happened one day when I was rushed on time. I needed a quick workout to do at home that would hit my hinge, squat and push movements. Because I am still recovering from a stress fracture in my foot I am limited on what movements and weights I can do. No plyometric movements (jumping, burpees, etc.) and I have to keep the weight rather light for what I am use too. So with this particular workout I could not focused on how much weight I can normally work with or speed……I just needed to move!! After 10-15 minutes of Turkish Get Ups (only to tall kneeling since I can’t push off my foot) and mobility work (bridges, arm bars, etc.), I started this complex with 10 reps for each exercise…..then reduced by 1 rep until I reached one rep for each. Then I go back up the ladder!

This video picks up with me going back up the ladder starting back at 1 rep each and working my way up to 10 reps each. Sooooo after 110 Goblet Squats, 110 Swings and 110 fingertip push ups…..I’m feeling pretty good! Got in a good sweat and got it done early! Try it!!



1 – Goblet Squat

2 – Swing

3 – Fingertip Push Ups (or work on a strict or modified push up)

Round 1: 10 reps each

Round 2: 9 reps each

Round 3: 8 reps each

Round 4: 7 reps each

Round 5: 6 reps each

Round 6: 5 reps each

Round 7: 4 reps each

Round 8: 3 reps each

Round 9: 2 reps each

Round 10: 1 rep each

Then Round 11 starts back at 1 and each round after adds one rep until you reach 10 reps each. If you are a beginner and are not ready for this many reps, then cut the rounds in half and count by two’s. 10,8,6,4,2,2,4,6,8,10

Above all else, focus on technique and skill. Train safe and have fun. Give it a try!