One of my clients told me this week that she was asked by a friend why she spent extra money doing small group training with me. Her response…..”because I’m choosing to invest in myself.”

Wow. What a great perspective! It’s easy for me to tell someone that they “get what they pay for” but when someone who is actually spending the money says that…’s pretty reassuring.

I know a lot of people who get a good workout and stay in pretty good shape just by working out on their own with a general gym membership or by doing things at home. Some people are intrinsically motivated and don’t need anyone else to keep them going. But I would like to guess that is a low percent of the population.

People say they want to “get in shape” but then they want it for free, or they want it the easy way. They aren’t willing to invest in themselves financially nor sacrifice the time.

Bad News – It “ain’t” easy…..

Good News – It “ain’t” easy……easy is boring.

So why are people so afraid to invest in themselves? My guess is they either 1) don’t think they are worth it, 2) will always find something else more important…..or at least at the time anyway, or 3) don’t understand what they are capable of.

I want to help all of my clients realize their potential and accomplish their goals. To become stronger….better….and to finally see what they are capable of.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the idea that you aren’t important enough to “invest” in. You choose to “invest” in nice clothes, eating out, a new car every few years, vacations, and so on, and so on……now, why not invest in your most valuable asset????? YOU!